How do you convert from Celcius to Farenheit? And just how big is “a cup”? Don’t panic. All you need to know is here…

Standard Volume Measures

Measure ¼ tsp ½ tsp 1 tsp 1 tbsp ¼ Cup ½ Cup 1 Cup
ml 1¼ ml 2½ ml 5 ml 15 ml 60 ml 125 ml 250 ml

Note that 3 tsp = 1 tbsp, and there are about 4 tbsp in ¼ cup
1 fl. oz. (US) = 1.04 fl. oz. (UK)

Oven Temperature Conversion

°C 110 125 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220
°F 230 257 284 302 320 338 356 374 392 410 428

Approximate Volumes to Weights

For those of you who absolutely refuse by buy a set of kitchen scales, here are some approximate conversions from volumes to weights in ounces.

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Item Volume Ounces
Allspice, ground Tablespoon ¼
Almonds, blanched Cup 5⅓
Apples, peeled, ½” cubes Cup 3⅓
Apricots, halves Cup 8
Item Volume Ounces Top
Baking powder Tablespoon ½
Baking powder Cup 8
Bananas, diced Cup
Barley Cup 8
Beans, baked Cup 8
Beans, lima, dried Cup
Beans, kidney Cup 6
Bean sprouts Cup 4
Blueberries, fresh Cup 7
Bread crumbs, dried Cup 4
Bread crumbs, soft Cup 2
Brussels sprouts Cup 4
Butter Cup 8
Item Volume Ounces Top
Cabbage, shredded Cup 4
Carrots, diced, raw or cooked Cup 5⅓
Celery, diced Cup 4
Cheese, cream Cup 8
Cheese, grated Cup 4
Cherries, glaceed Cup
Chicken, cooked, cubed Cup 5⅓
Chili powder Tablespoon ¼
Chili Sauce Cup 11¼
Chocolate, grated Cup
Chocolate, melted Cup 8
Cinnamon, ground Tablespoon ¼
Cloves, ground Tablespoon ¼
Cloves, whole Cup 3
Cocoa Powder Cup 4
Coconut, shredded Cup
Corn, canned Cup 8
Corn syrup Cup 12
Cornstarch Tablespoon ¼
Cornstarch Cup
Cream of tartar Tablespoon
Cream, whipping Cup 8
Cream, whipped Cup 4
Currants, dried Cup 5⅓
Curry powder Tablespoon ¼
Item Volume Ounces Top
Dates, pitted Cup 6
Item Volume Ounces Top
Figs, dried, chopped Cup
Flour, all-purpose Cup 4
Flour, bread, unsifted Cup
Flour, bread, sifted Cup 4
Flour, cake/pastry, sifted Cup 3⅓
Flour, wheat Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Gelatin, granulated Tablespoon ¼
Gelatin, granulated Cup 5⅓
Ginger, ground Tablespoon ¼
Ginger, ground Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Honey Cup 12
Item Volume Ounces Top
Jam Cup 12
Jelly Cup 10⅔
Item Volume Ounces Top
Lettuce, shredded Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Margarine Cup 8
Marshmallows, large 80 each 16
Mayonnaise Cup 8
Meat, cooked, chopped Cup 8
Milk, liquid Cup
Milk, condensed Cup 10⅔
Milk, evaporated Cup 9
Mincemeat Cup 8
Molasses Cup 12
Mustard, dry, ground Cup
Mustard seed Tablespoon ½
Item Volume Ounces Top
Nutmeg, ground Tablespoon ¼
Item Volume Ounces Top
Oil, vegetable Cup 8
Onions, chopped Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Paprika Tablespoon ¼
Parsley, coarsely chopped Cup 1
Peanuts Cup 5
Peanut Butter Cup 9
Peas, dried, split Cup
Pecans Cup
Pepper, ground Tablespoon ¼
Pepper, ground Cup 4
Peppers, green, chopped Cup 5⅓
Pineapple, crushed Cup 8
Poppy seed Cup 5
Potatoes, cooked, diced, mashed Cup 8
Prunes, dried Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Raisins Cup 5⅓
Raspberries Cup
Rhubarb, raw, 1″ diced Cup 4
Rice, uncooked Cup 8
Rice, cooked Cup
Item Volume Ounces Top
Sage, ground Cup 2
Salad dressing Cup 8
Salt Tablespoon
Sesame seed Tablespoon
Sesame seed Cup
Shallots, diced Tablespoon ½
Soda, baking Tablespoon ½
Spinach, raw Quart
Spinach, cooked Cup 8
Strawberries Cup 7
Sugar, brown, lightly packed Cup 5⅓
Sugar, brown, solidly packed Cup 8
Sugar, granulated Cup 8
Sugar, powdered, sifted Cup 5⅓
Item Volume Ounces Top
Vanilla Tablespoon ½
Vinegar Cup 8
Item Volume Ounces Top
Walnuts, shelled Cup 4
Water Cup 8
Item Volume Ounces Top
Yeast, compressed cake each ½
Yeast, sachet of dried each ¼

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