Jam Recipes

Blackberry Jam

This pectin-free blackberry jam recipe will allow you to enjoy the great taste of blackberries all year round.

Blackcurrant Jam

Blackcurrant Jam is probably one of the easiest jams to make because blackcurrants are packed with pectin!

Japanese Quince Jelly

Many people have Japanese Quince bushes in their garden for the wonderful spring flowers. The fruit is quite astringent-smelling, but you can still use it to make a delicious jelly.

Mango Jam

Mango jam is so easy to make and is wonderful on toast! See Titli juggle her mangoes…

Orange Marmalade

Seville oranges make the best orange marmalade but they are only in season during January and February. Hurry!

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is extremely easy to make and is my absolute favourite jam.

Spiced Apple Jelly

This delicious apple jelly / apple jam is like apple pie in a jar and goes really well on toast!

Strawberry Jam

If you find yourself confronted with cheap strawberries, take the opportunity to make strawberry jam. This recipe doesn’t require pectin, but is guaranteed to set if you get the jam to the right temperature.