Greek Recipes


There are many recipes for Baklava but they all follow the same theme – nuts, phyllo pastry, butter, honey and sugar… This one has the additional ingredient of “dancing”!


This delicious cake, also known as hareesa or revani, is made from semolina soaked in syrup. This lower-fat version is perfect for Iftar!

Fried Calamari

Squid may not be the prettiest creatures, but they are certainly tasty when fried!

Greek Salad

This salad, also known as horiatiki (country or village) salad, is eaten throughout Greece. It makes a great appetiser or can be served as a light snack.


I first had this lamb-based dish on the Greek Island of Aegina about 10 years ago. It left such an impression on me that I’ve been cooking it ever since! This is not the traditional Kleftico recipe you find in the cookbooks…


There’s moussaka and there’s moussaka. It takes a while to prepare this dish but trust me when I tell you that it’s worth it!


Pastitsio is a delicious Greek baked dish of pasta, minced meat and Bechamel sauce.

Pita Bread

These simple “pocket breads” are found all over the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Making them couldn’t be easier!

Roasted Garlic, Lemon and Oregano Chicken

This roasted chicken dish takes no time to prepare at all and is bursting with garlic, lemon and oregano flavours.

Soutzoukakia / Izmir Köfte

Soutzoukakia or İzmir köfte is a Greek and Turkish dish of spicy oblong kofte with cumin and garlic served in a delicious and simple tomato sauce.

Spanakopita (Spanakotiropita)

Spanakopita is a delicious cheese and spinach pie which is very easy to make!

Squid Stuffed with Rice and Herbs

The stuffing is a delicious mixture of rice, garlic, tomato paste, parsley, and shallot. An immense taste sensation!

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