Crispy Aromatic Duck

One of two classic Chinese duck recipes, Crispy Aromatic Duck takes a while to prepare but it is so worth it.

Peking Duck

One of two classic Chinese duck recipes, Peking Duck uses a whole duck and the duck is baked with a honey glaze. Not to be confused with Crispy Aromatic Duck, but eaten in the same way with Mandarin pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and Peking Duck sauce!

Roast Duck with Cherry Sauce

Roasting a duck is really straightforward, and of all the sauces to have with duck I love the sweet/sour cherry sauce the most.

Roast Goose

At one time goose was THE thing to have for Christmas dinner. In this video I clean and prepare a shop-bought goose, make a Rosemary & Mushroom Stuffing, and roast the goose. You can usually get geese in the butchers up until New Year so if you didn’t have one for Christmas, there may still be time…

Stuffing (Rosemary, Mushroom & Garlic)

Instead of using a packet mix, why not make your own stuffing for your roast chicken or turkey?