Voting For Godot

23rd May 2014

Yesterday I exercised my right and voted in the European Elections. It’s the first time I’ve done so for quite a while. I think the last time I voted in these type of elections was probably 2002 before I moved to France. For those of you outside Europe I should explain that these are elections for people that this country sends to the European Parliament, the so-called Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). If you really want to know more about the European Parliament and the other organs of the European Union I suggest you look on Wikipedia!

Now I have my own political views on how Britain should be governed but when it comes to the European Union and its machinations it becomes a little more difficult and I don’t vote along my normal party lines. I listen carefully to what the parties are saying and try to vote for those that make the most sense to me. This year I had to listen more carefully than usual.

When I got to the polling booth with my virgin ballot paper I found I was presented with the following choices. Remember, I have to pick one and only one and the choice was not easy.


A. The “Let’s Stay In The European Union At All Cost” Party

B. The “Let’s Get Out Of The European Union At All Cost” Party

C. The “Let’s Try And Change The European Union At All Cost” Party

D. The “We Don’t Have A Position On The European Union But Let’s Talk About The Cost Of Living Crisis In The UK” Party

E. The “Send All Foreigners Home” Party

F. The “Let’s Beat Up All Foreigners” Party

G. The “First Anniversary Of The Killing Of A Soldier By Religious Nutters” Party

H. The Party For People In Wales, Especially If They Speak Welsh

I. The “Save The Planet” Party

J. The “I Want A Cushy Job With a Fat Expense Account And No Voter Accountability” Party

Actually, Party J is one I made up but most of the candidates standing for election could be said to belong to it. UK Residents will probably be able to put names to parties A to I and if you can… well, I’ve made my point.

So who did I vote for? That is known only to me and my pencil.


It happens occasionally. I’m aware of one previous occasion which occured in the High Street of where I live. Sometimes people email me afterwards and tell me that it happened, although why they did nothing at the time is a bit of a mystery to me. Truth is, it probably happens more times than I realise.

It happened again this week. Man and I were taking a short vacation near Coventry to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had just parked the car at a country park on the outskirts of Daventry and were about to head towards the lake. Suddenly a head popped out of a car window and the following words came forth.

“Titli’s Busy Kitchen?”

I’m always pleased when people recognise me AND stop me. I know that there are many people who visit this website and watch my videos but I so rarely get to meet any of them.

So I wandered over for a short conversation with a nice man called Charlie. Thank you Charlie, and I must say “Hi” to his daughter Carmen too.