How Many Subscribers???

28th April 2014

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote a blog entry! Almost 10 months. I guess that becoming a member of a YouTube Network Channel has taken an awful lot of the fun out of things for me. I’ve felt constrained. If I make a video which suddenly gets a lot of views I can kiss goodbye to almost half the YouTube revenue and the Network Channel will be laughing all the way to their bloated bank.

I sent them an email today. I pointed out that they are unlikely to get any further revenue out of me before my contract expires in October. That’s simply because of the way that the contract is set up. I also pointed out that I get no benefit from them. Given this pointless and fruitless arrangement, I suggested that we terminate the contract now. We’ll see what comes back.


YT100KSo yesterday I passed the 100,000 mark for subscribers to my YouTube channel. You might imagine that I would be thrilled/delighted/excited/pleased/smug/relieved (delete as appropriate). I might be any one of those if more than 10% of my subscribers actually bothered to watch my videos when I post them! Yes, just 10%. Or in the case of my last chicken liver video, just 5%. On the other hand if I do a recipe for a cake or anything involving chocolate the video will get nearer 15% of subscribers watching.

It’s not just me. I know that other YouTube cooking channels have a similar problem. I think it has something to do with people’s expectations. People may have seen one of my videos and subscribed straight away, expecting all my videos to be exactly like the one they have just watched. I’d much prefer it if they watched a selection of my videos and decided that they like the variety of foods I cook before subscribing. To be honest, if I only had half the subscribers I have today and about half of them watched my latest upload I’d be DELIGHTED!

The number of YouTube subscribers is just that; a number. What really matters is whether people watch.



A couple of new ideas have come to mind in recent months. The first concerns creating a new YouTube channel in which I could share my experiences as a manager with other people, particularly those who are new to management roles. I sometimes do this informally in my rantings during Titli’s Busy Garden videos but I think I might be able to do this in a more structured and useful way.

The second idea is a development of a suggestion from someone on my Facebook page. They suggested that I should do a series of videos concerning housework. I think I can have quite a bit of fun with this and have created a new YouTube channel call “The Hapless Housewife”. I’ve got ideas for about a dozen very short videos at the moment which are all centred on situations around the home. Watch this space!

Here’s hoping for more regular blogging…

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