Terms & Conditions for Buddy Access

There is a lot of blah, blah, blah here but in summary you must not:

  • Share your username and password with anyone else, or
  • Republish content without asking me first, or
  • Re-post Buddy content elsewhere on the Internet

Buddy Access is governed by the following terms and conditions.

1. Copyright

Titli Nihaan and Titli Films own the copyright to all content on this website.  You may copy and paste content on this website for your own personal use only.

You may not republish the content without prior consent from Titli Nihaan.

You may not use the content for commercial purposes.

Any infringement of copyright will be lead to termination of the agreement and may lead to prosecution in extreme cases of misuse.

2. Terms of Access

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and upon payment, Titli Nihaan grants a non-transferable access right to specific features available exclusively to Buddies.

Access to Buddy Features will be through a username and password.  IP addresses for individuals are logged and the use of several IP addresses to access the same Buddy account will lead to temporary suspension of Buddy access.

The sharing of usernames and passwords is strictly forbidden.  Where the evidence is clear that usernames and passwords have been shared with others the Buddy access will be terminated.

3. Usage restrictions: what Buddies are NOT allowed to do

i) Downloading of the entire website is not allowed.

ii) Content from the website may not be copied or distributed for commercial advantage or if any fees or charges are made in connection with such items.

iii) Content from the website may not be translated, altered, re-compiled, manipulated or used to prepare derivative works, or published in any other format in any medium without written permission from Titli Nihaan.

iv) Content from the database may not be mounted or distributed on any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Publisher reserves the right to terminate the access of any authorised user in breach of the above restrictions.

4. Termination of Buddy access

Titli Nihaan and Titli Films may terminate the access for any breach of this agreement by providing the individual with written notice in electronic form. No refund will be provided upon such termination.

5. Term of Buddy access

This agreement shall continue for the duration of the website from the date of granting of Buddy Access.  Please note that this is not a subscription and therefore there is no renewal process.

If you have any questions regarding Buddy Access, please send email to: buddyhelp@titlisbusykitchen.com.

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