Galette de Bretagne

Galette de Bretagne
Galettes are savoury buckwheat crepes from Brittany and usually feature cheese, ham, eggs, mushrooms etc. In this video I make a Galette Complète!
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Makes about 10 Galettes
  • 2 cups buckwheat flour
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. Add the salt to the flour and mix.
  2. Pour in about a quarter of the water and mix using a whisk. Continue adding water a little at a time until the consistency is that of melted chocolate.
  3. Beat well for about 30 seconds then scrape the batter from the sides of the bowl.
  4. Pour the remaining water onto the top of the batter and allow to rest in the fridge for at least one hour.
  5. Beat the mixture well and add more water if necessary to produce a thin batter. Only add sufficient to prevent trails forming in the batter.
  6. Wipe a hot flat pan with a little oil on a kitchen towel. Add about a ladel of batter onto the centre of the pan and spread it around. Cook for about 1 minute.
  7. Turn the galette over and cook for a further 20-30 seconds. Remove to a plate, wipe the pan and continue making galettes.
Titli's Tips
The keys to good galettes are a thin enough batter than it runs around the hot pan, and a pan hot enough to cook the galette before it dries out!

Galettes will freeze quite well.

Nutritional information is per galette before adding the filling of your choice.

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving       % Daily Value
Calories 11 0%
Calories from Fat 3
Total Fat 0.4g 0%
Saturated Fat 0.1g 0%
Unsaturated Fat 0.3g
Amount Per Serving       % Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate 1.5g 0%
Dietary Fibre 0.1g 0%
Sugars 0.0g
Protein 0.3g 0%
Cholesterol 0.0mgs 0%
Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.