Recipes from Tunisia

Borghol Bil Allouche (Lamb and Bulgur Stew)

This Tunisian lamb and bulgur stew is a bit like a risotto but using bulgur wheat instead of rice. It’s filling, hearty and delicious!


Hsou is a spicy and hearty Tunisian soup eaten with a chunk of bread. It’s often prepared during Ramadan.

Ojja with Meatballs

Tunisian Ojja is both easy to make and utterly delicious. In this version of ojja I’ve added some small meatballs.


Tunisian Takoua is an easy to make dessert which goes perfectly with a strong cup of coffee.

Tunisian Lamb Ragout with Lemon

This Tunisian lamb ragout is simple to prepare and bursting with Mediterranean flavours.

Tunisian Marzipan Balls (Kaber El Louz)

These marzipan balls (Kaber El Louz) are so easy to prepare and make a great gift. Learn how to make your own marzipan too!