I Sea Food and Eat It

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Not all pizza is flat! This Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza recipe willl give you delicious deep dish pizza every time.

Chilli Prawns

This chilli prawns tapas is so simple, so quick and so full of flavour it’ll blow your mind!

Chinese Take-Away Curry Sauce

This Chinese curry sauce is incredibly quick and simple and can be used to make meat or vegetable curries, or just to dip your chips (fries) in!

Curried Prawns in Coconut Milk

A gentle curry-like dish in which the prawns are cooked in a spicy coconut gravy.

Fried Calamari

Squid may not be the prettiest creatures, but they are certainly tasty when fried!

Lemongrass Squid with Mango

This simple dish with Thai flavours is perfect for either a starter or a main course.

Pan-Fried Scallops

Imagine seared scallops with ginger and spring onion. Now stop imagining and go cook them!

Prawn Biryani

This prawn biryani is simple to make and spicy yet complex in taste. A must for lovers of seafood!

Prawn Patia

Another delicious Parsi dish which is sweet, sour and hot. The gravy is really thick & rich. This is a wonderful dish, so let’s not get into a debate about whether prawns are halal, makrooh, or haram. Save that for other websites, please!

Seafood Paella

This paella is both quick and tasty and uses ingredients you should be able to find in your nearest supermarket.

Shrimp Etouffée

This Cajun dish is not only delicious, but the video also shows you how to make one of the most important elements of Cajun cooking – the Cajun Roux!

Squid Stuffed with Rice and Herbs

The stuffing is a delicious mixture of rice, garlic, tomato paste, parsley, and shallot. An immense taste sensation!

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