Recipes to Inspire You During Ramadan

Adana Kebab

Adana kebab, named after the fifth largest city in Turkey, is a very simple and tasty kebab. Serve with an onion salad and rice pilav for a delicious meal.

Aseeda (Asida)

Aseeda (Asida) is a dish made of a cooked wheat flour lump of dough, usually with added butter or honey. It is a simple yet rich dish, usually eaten by hand, often eaten during religious holidays.

Aubergine (Eggplant) Stuffed with Lamb

Aubergines stuffed with lamb is very easy to prepare and makes for a great low-fat supper.

Baked Fish with Herb Crust

This dish is so simple and so tasty I can almost guarantee it will become part of your diet!


This delicious cake, also known as hareesa or revani, is made from semolina soaked in syrup. This lower-fat version is perfect for Iftar!

Beef and Bean Curry

A quick and easy meal that is low in fat and high in taste.

Beef with Orange & Ginger

This low-fat stir-fry is both tasty and kind to your waistline.

Beetroot Soup

You may not think of using beetroot to make soup, but this is a slightly spicy version which is great any time of the year.

Bolani with Yoghurt Dip

Bolani are a kind of Afghan stuffed flatbread/samosa which can be served as an appetizer, side-dish, or main dish. This bolani recipe uses mashed potato.

Bourani Banjan

This classic Bourani Banjan recipe features fried aubergines and peppers, a rich tomato sauce, and a delicious garlic yoghurt garnish.

Brain Curry (Maghaz Masala)

This is a surprisingly simple, spicy and delicious curry found all over India and Pakistan which uses lamb or goat brains.

Caesar Salad

This salad is possibly one of the tastiest salads I know and is always a favourite with me! Contains no Caesars…

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