Recipes from the Middle East and North Africa

Al Baik Fried Chicken

Al Baik is to Saudi Arabia what KFC is to the rest of the world. This recipe provides a make-at-home version of Al Baik fried chicken.

Aseeda (Asida)

Aseeda (Asida) is a dish made of a cooked wheat flour lump of dough, usually with added butter or honey. It is a simple yet rich dish, usually eaten by hand, often eaten during religious holidays.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is a delightful dish made with mashed aubergine which has been roasted, preferably over an open flame.


There are many recipes for Baklava but they all follow the same theme – nuts, phyllo pastry, butter, honey and sugar… This one has the additional ingredient of “dancing”!

Baklava Rolls

There are dozens of different types of Baklava (aka Baklawa) but Baklava rolls are probably the easiest to make.


This delicious cake, also known as hareesa or revani, is made from semolina soaked in syrup. This lower-fat version is perfect for Iftar!


Brick is a tasty North African pastry dish, a bit like a samosa, but the pastry is thinner and the filing is typically egg and tuna. Delicious for supper or as an appetiser for hungry people.

Brick Pastry (Warka)

Brick pastry or Warka is not universally available, but you can make a good approximation at home using this simple recipe.

Cheese-Fried Egg

This dish is simplicity itself and combines two favourite Lebanese fried foods – Eggs and cheese!

Chicken Livers Lebanese-Style

This is a meze-style dish which is huge on flavour. Even though I’m not a big fan of liver I always look out for this if I’m in a Middle-Eastern restaurant!

Falafel with Tahini Sauce and Cucumber & Mint Dip

Falafel are easy to make, but there are traps and pitfalls along the way! Make perfect falafel with this recipe, together with Tahini Sauce and a Cucumber & Yoghurt dip. Do you know the answer to the mystery????


This Levantine salad has crunchy fried pita bread, fresh vegetables and citrus notes. It goes great with a barbecue!

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