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Depending on where you live, Ghee can be expensive or impossible to buy. Don’t Panic! It is really easy to make with a little bit of patience.
  • 500 g (1 lb) unsalted butter
  • Some muslin, cheesecloth or paper coffee filters… and a funnel.
  1. Cut the butter into pieces and melt gently in a pan.
  2. Once the butter has melted, allow it to simmer gently for 30-45 minutes. DO NOT STIR!
  3. Skim the scum off the surface from time to time.
  4. Some solids should be visible on the bottom of the pan after about 30-45 minutes. When the smell becomes nutty or toffee-like, turn off the heat and allow the pan to cool slightly.
  5. Filter using your chosen medium into a clean, dry airtight jar.
Calories: 112 Fat: 12.7 Sugar: 0.0 Fiber: 0.0 Protein: 0.1 Cholesterol: 30.5
Titli's Tips
The final liquid should be amber and golden and smell a bit like toffee. Ghee will keep for months without refreigeration and even longer if solidified in the fridge.
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